4x4 Concrete for Strength-on-Demand

An innovative, patented (No. 6,858,074) technology called 4x4 Concrete System is a unique method for achieving high-early strength concrete. The name 4x4 Concrete originates from concrete that obtains at least 400 psi flexural strength within four hours of placement, a requirement of the California Department of Transportation. Some applications however, do not require this level of performance. The flexibility of 4x4 Concrete is such that it can be modified to meet many different specified strength criteria simply by adjusting the mixture proportions and admixture dosages.

4x4 Concrete System Applications

One of the primary ways to reduce pavement closure time is to use a concrete mixture that develops strength quickly. With 4x4 Concrete, it is possible to proportion a mixture using locally available Portland cements, aggregates, and selected admixtures. The 4x4 Concrete System can be used in any application where high-early strength is required such as pavement panel replacement, new pavement, bridge decks, self-consolidating concrete and White topping. It can also be used in airport pavement repair applications.

Project Profiles

4x4 Concrete has met all of the technical and performance expectations of the California Department of Transportation highway engineers and is now being used by other state DOTs.

Technical Data

Both in-house and independent studies have been conducted to develop technical data on 4x4 Concrete.

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