BASF Egypt is always keen on offering what is new to its customers.

Just recently introduced to the market are TWO state of the art MOCKUPS. One for Tiling Solutions and the other for Repair

These mockups help the customers visualize BASF products and their application.

The mockups are not available at more than 20 Distributor Outlets located all around Egypt.

1st Mockup: Tiling Range

MasterTile 4: Cementitious tile adhesive for ceramic tiles

MasterTile 30: Cementitious polymer modified tile adhesive for marble, glass & porcelain mosaic

MasterTile 530: Coloured latex modified grout for ceramic tiles

MasterSeal 550: Acrylic reinforced, cement-based, flexible waterproof coating

MasterSeal NP472: One part polyurethane based elastomeric joint sealant


2nd Mockup: Repair Mockup

MasterEmaco 8100AP: Single component epoxy based zinc rich primer for steel

MasterEmaco S 488: Shrinkage compensated, polymer fiber reinforced, thixotropic repair mortar

MasterBrace ADH2200: High strength, non-flow epoxy bedding and repair mortar

MasterEmaco N 303: Single component, polymer modified, fairing coat cosmetic mortar for concrete surfaces

MasterProtect 200: Flexible protective coating based on styrene – acrylic copolymer for exterior and interior use

MasterBrace LAM: Ready-to-use carbon fiber laminates for the external reinforcement of concrete and masonry elements.

MasterBrace 4000: Two-component epoxy adhesive for MasterBrace Laminate System.