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Full range of solutions to master all your challenges​

The BASF Construction Chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio. Click on the segments below to learn more about the Master Builders Solutions products.

Our Segments and Products

Admixtures for Concrete

MasterCast - Solutions for the manufactured concrete product industry

MasterCell - Density reducing admixtures

MasterFiber - Comprehensive solutions for fiber reinforced concrete

MasterFinish - Solutions for formwork treatment

MasterGlenium - Hyperplasticiser formulated from state-of-the-art polymers for ultimate performance

MasterKure - Solutions for concrete curing

MasterLife - Solutions for enhanced duarbility

MasterMatrix - Advanced rheology control solutions for self-consolidating concrete

MasterPolyheed - High-Performance superplasticiser utilising latest-generation polymers

MasterPozzolith - Solutions for water-reduced concrete

MasterRheobuild - High-range superplasticiser for concrete

MasterSet - Solutions for set control​​

Green Sense Concrete Technology​ - Optimized mixture program

Performance Flooring Solutions

MasterTop - Solutions for industrial and commercial floors

Ucrete​ - Flooring solutions for harsh environments

Repair, Protection and Grouting Systems

MasterBraceSolutions for concrete strengthening

MasterEmacoSolutions for concrete repair

MasterFlowSolutions for precision grouting​

MasterInjectSolutions for concrete injection

MasterProtectSolutions for concrete protection​​

Tiling Solutions

MasterTile - Solutions for tiling systems

Underground Construction Solutions

Mast​erRoc - Solutions for underground construction

Waterproofing Systems and Sealants​

MasterSeal - Solutions for waterproofing and sealing​​​

Our Brochures​

Admixture Systems

Architectural Expansion Control Systems - WABO

Bridge & Highway Expansion Control - WABO

Bearings - WABO

Below Ground Construction Solutions

Concrete Protection and Repair Solutions - MasterEmaco

Car Park Protection Solutions

Concrete Technology for Sustainable Construction

Energy efficient concrete solutions- Master X-Seed

Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems

Eco Efficient Wall - Claddings for Non - Residential Construction

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

EIFS Potential Contributions to LEED Projects

Enershield - Fluid-Applied Air/Water-Resistive Barrierswith Silica Fortified Rubber

Enershield HP - Vapor Permeable Air/Water-Resistive Barrier Membrane

Enershield I - Air/Water-Resistive Barrier Membrane Class 1 Vapor Retarder

Expansion Control Systems - For Parking & Open Air Structures


Industrial Grouting Solutions - MasterFlow

Flooring Solutions

Pre-cast industry solutions ​

Roof Waterproofing Guide - MasterSeal

Road and Rail Solutions

Rubber ImpactProtection Systems - WABO

Sealants - Engineered sealing andweatherproofing solutions MasterSeal & MasterWeld

Self-compacting concrete everyday solutions - MasterMatrix​

Solutions for waterproofingyour structure - MasterSeal

Sprayed Concrete

Underground Construction Solutions for Metro

TBM (Solutions for Underground Construction)

Ucrete Industrial Flooring. The World's Toughest Floor

Products Master Builders Solutions by BASF