MasterBrace ADH 1418 - A high strength polyester resin bonding and repair compound 


MasterBrace ADH 1418 is a two-component polyester resin compound consisting of a liquid resin and a powdered, hardener filler system in one container. It is a repair, bonding and grouting material.

Where is MasterBrace ADH 1418 applied?

  • Repair of pre-cast concrete units
  • Repair of worn or damaged concrete
  • Bedding and sealing concrete units, steelwork, etc.
  • Fixing tiles, slabs, pre-cast facings, etc.
  • Grouting in dowel pins, rag bolts, holding down bolts and starter bars

What are the advantages of MasterBrace ADH 1418?

  • Easy to use – economical and fast
  • Simple to batch and mix
  • Versatile – has many applications
  • Mix consistency can be varied according to requirements
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials (ceramics, wood, metal, stone, concrete, quarry tiles, asphalt, mortar, etc.)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High early and ultimate strengths
  • Due to the nature of the resin system, the mechanical and chemical resistance of MasterBrace ADH 1418 is constant irrespective of the volume of filler added, provided adequate compaction can be achieved 
  • MasterBrace ADH 1418 has low shrinkage properties and does not shrink at the bonded surface; no shrinkage occurs once hardening has taken place
  • Will cure underwater and at temperatures below 0°C
  • Extra sand can be added for bulk filling

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterBrace 1418 ADH Part A MSDS

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MasterBrace ADH 1418 TDS

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