MasterEmaco S 466 - A shrinkage compensated, free flowing precision concrete 

Formerly Emaco S66T M


MasterEmaco S 466 is a high strength precision micro-concrete, requiring only the on-site addition of water to provide a free flowing micro-concrete ideally suited for placing in nominal thicknesses of 40mm and above. When mixed, applied and cured in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, MasterEmaco S 466 produces a free flowing precision micro-concrete, free from segregation and bleeding. 

Where is MasterEmaco s 466 applied?

General repair and renovation of decayed, defective or damaged concrete such as: 

  • Columns 
  • Walls 
  • Beams 
  • Honeycombed concrete 
  • Floors 

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 466?

  • Guaranteed performance – material is precision blended in the factory to ensure consistent results
  • Durable – utilisation of low w/c ratio ensures minimum permeability and high durability 
  • Free flowing – eliminates honeycombing in areas of congested reinforcement 
  • Self-compacting – ensures complete filling of spalled/damaged areas  Shrinkage compensated – unique formulation provides dual expansion system in plastic and hardened states 
  • Easy to use – simple on-site addition of water

Production Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterEmaco S 466 TDS

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MasterEmaco S466 MSDS

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