MasterRoc® MS695 – Liquid colloidal silica

Formerly: MEYCO MS695

How does MasterRoc MS695 work?

MasterRoc MS695 improves the properties of shotcrete and concrete in both plastic and hardened states. It is suitable for: pumped concrete, shotcrete, conventionally placed concrete, plain, reinforced, precast, lightweight or standard weight concrete, as well as white, colored and architectural concrete.

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MS695?

  • Normal setting characteristics.
  • Reduced bleed characteristics.
  • Reduced segregation particularly in lean mixes and high slump concrete.
  • Reduced shrinkage of hardened concrete.

How does MasterRoc MS695 benefit customers?

  • Improved "workability time" and stability.
  • Improved pumpability, especially over long distances.
  • Improved sprayability of shotcrete, including a large reduction in the amount of rebound.
  • Improved durability.