MasterSeal 475 A pitch-free polyurethane sealant for chemical and industrial environments and concrete paving joints

Formerly: MASTERFLEX 575

How does MasterSeal 475 work?

MasterSeal 475 A two component cold applied PU sealant for use in horizontal applications exposed to jet fuel, oils and chemical attack.

MasterSeal 475 has the following properties:

  • Long-term performance
  • Withstands chemical attack
  • Tolerates joint movement
  • Easy to apply

What is MasterSeal 475 used for?

MasterSeal 475 is designed for use  Concrete

  • Airport runways
  • Highways and bridges
  • Industrial floors
  • Driveways and loading docks
  • Stadiums
  • Chemical plants

MasterSeal 475 should be used in conjunction MasterSeal P 175 primer.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 475?

MasterSeal 475 offers the following advantages:

  • Weather resistant
  • Jet-fuel resistant
  • Good elongation
  • Pitch free
  • Cold applied